Customer Experience Specialist

This job will provide you with an opportunity to be a member of Health.Links, a company that encourages individuality and is supportive to build teams who tackle challenges and reach their potential. Respect, enthusiasm and equality are some of the company's most cherished values.


- Conduct telephone / in-person interviews for research purposes only, no selling is involved

- Establish contact for interviews by telephone or in person

- Conduct interviews following the outlines of questionnaires and surveys

- Record answers on paper or directly into a computer database

- Follow computer-assisted interview modules

- Check information gathered for completeness and accuracy


Experience Specialist



1. Bachelor degree in any specialization: IT, Arts and Business.

2. Excellent command of both written and spoken Arabic language.

3. Very good command of both written and spoken English language.

4. One year of experience in customer care field.

5. Communicative with strong interpersonal skills.

6. Basic computer literacy.

7. Excellent reading, listening and typing skills.

8. Ability to handle work pressure.

9. Eagerness to excel and grow professionally.


1. Full time contract with 8 working hours per day, 5 days a week. Shifts may vary depending on work needs

2. Work is performed on a secured office setting, yet may require field visits.

If this Customer Experience Specialist job in Health.Links, Jeddah-Saudi Arabia sounds like a good fit for you, please apply by clicking the “apply now” button or sending your CV to

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