Who we are

Health.Links is a consultancy company specialized in health care that works with its strategic partner, Press Ganey, to support health care organizations with a unique portfolio of solutions and services. This partnership includes operational support in data collection and survey management with a localized perspective. We are committed to improving patient experience in the Gulf region through being the voice of both patients and caregivers.


We partner with health care policymakers, hospital leaders and involved stakeholders to make lasting improvements for optimal performance. We utilize scientific knowledge to help our partners realize their most important goals. Through our partnership with  Press Ganey in the Gulf region, Health.Links has the initial strategic objective of establishing a successful system of quality improvement in the region. Imagine if you could locate the invisible dysfunctions and gaps in your care services. Imagine if each and every phase of the patient’s journey within your hospital is designed with data-backed knowledge.


The methodology behind our solutions is very distinct and seeks to address preventable forms of suffering from the patient experience. Timely feedback creates situational awareness. Endless streams of data have always been there, but now health care leaders have the chance to leverage this knowledge and move with the patient to the right place. We will do what it takes to ensure that your health care institution and leadership team capitalize on the different strengths and energies to establish a culture rooted in creative solutions. Our approach to management is an active presence of improving the patient experience and maximizing the potential by connecting all our resources to serve your needs.


We are commited to improving patient experience in the Gulf region through being the voice of both patients and caregivers


To be the trusted partner for driving Patient Experience in the Middle East.


To be the voice of our patients & caregivers, putting them at the center of all initiatives through novel cutting-edge solutions.



the ultimate form of care


with policy makers, healthcare leaders, caregivers & patients


going above & beyond for outstanding customer service

Who we serve

Health.Links line of work is new and unique in the region, but the essence of what we do is to usher the healthcare industry of the Middle East toward a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency. As Press Ganey’s partners in the region, we help reshape the culture of health care communities and organizations into the best versions of themselves. We help governments, legislators, policy makers, and health care institutions alike foster an ethos of integrity, empathy, and engagement across the entire care continuum. Health.Links will partner with health care providers who made the conscious choice to understand their performance and benchmark against best practices in the field. With our efficient localization of Press Ganey’s solutions, our partners of progress will find the right tools to pinpoint actionable insights, drive change, and accelerate improvement efforts.


Health.Links is proud to partner with:

Government Bodies

Legislators and accreditation bodies





Teaching Hospitals

Private Health Care Institutions

The common characteristic between our clients is that they all share a deep interest in evolving, constantly scrutinizing performance and exploring new ways of effecting improvements. They are not the type that simply finds it easier to continue with the status quo. Such pioneers who take action to change at their own initiative are the current leaders in the business, and will always be on the leading edge of the evolving health care system. Health.Links’ approach is highly customized to the meet specific challenges facing our client in the region. Not only do we help clients reach measurable results, our consultation services will enable clients to identify and activate the untapped value of all assets

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